Meru South Farmers Sacco Society Limited was registered on 18th June 1994 having been transformed from the union banking section of Meru South Farmers Union. Currently the sacco has a total  of about 40,000 members. It operates with an open bond which allows kenyans from all walks of life to enlist for membership.

Meru South Farmers Sacco Society limited has supported thousands of farmers, business persons, civil servants and other proffessionals meet their financial objectives through convinient, affordable savings and credit schemes.

Meru South Sacco society limited has invested heavily in ensuring that their services are easily accessible to our members with  4 fully fledged branches, three mobile points and delivers cash services on request to members using specially designed mobile banking vehicles.

The Sacco's financial performance over the years has built confidence among the shareholders, with a reputation as one of the well managed saccos in Kenya. In the year 2010 the sacco won the Meru South and Maara districts award for THE MOST INNOVATIVE SACCO for it's fast adoption of technology in service delivery, having been the first to adopt mobile banking, a branchless network and Sacco link ATM.

The sacco shall soon be laucnching over ten Point of Sale (POS) outlets to enhance its reach on the ground and this will enable it offer agency banking services to other banks if approved by Central Bank of Kenya in the coming days.